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10 most unpopular baby names 2018

While fashionable with older mums and dads, two thirds of young parents are rejecting Alexa because it’s the same name as Amazon’s digital assistant.

Although it was ranked as the UK’s 21st most popular girl’s name in 2016, digitally-savvy parents don’t want their daughter sharing her name with a tech device.

Other popular names being dropped by millennial mums and dads include Stan – because of the hashtag #Stan which is used online to mean ‘stalker-fan’.

Ollie, the 69th most popular name for a boy, is also falling out of favour because of a bizarre internet phenomena which sees humans eat the American ‘Ollie’ brand dog food.

As a result, three in five young parents say they won’t pick it for their son.

“Bye, Felicia”

Girls name ‘Felicia’ is being also shunned for baby girls because it is the subject of cruel internet Meme ‘Bye, Felicia’ – with 55 percent of young parents not considering it for this reason.

The study by parenting site found the most common reason for not using a name was if it “reminds me of someone I don’t like”.

A staggering 83 percent of parents reject baby names for this reason, alongside 81 percent who rule out a moniker which doesn’t fit with their surname.

Seven in 10 have also struck out a name choice after realising it would mean their child’s initials spelled something rude or silly.

But the poll also found other names falling out of use for unusual reasons including Harvey – which is being shunned by 34 percent on the back of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Alternative shades of colours

And Scarlett for girls is becoming less popular, with 27 percent of mums and dads preferring the trendier ‘Violet’.

Other boys’ names falling from favour include Christian.

Two in five families have shunned the name due to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, and because it is seen as ‘too religious’ in multi-cultural Britain.

Image: iStock.

“Hey Christian, there’s this book …” Image: iStock.

Other names taking a nosedive

And the once-popular Ryan is being rejected due to links with the infamous budget airline, with three in five saying its popularity is nose-diving.

On girls’ names, the study of 1434 parents found Katie and Cait are becoming less popular for a range of reasons, including links to controversial columnist Katie Hopkins, the I Am Cait TV show following Caitlyn Jenner and the decline of Kate Middleton fever in favour of new royal Meghan Markle.

Lauren has also plunged in popularity because it is linked to a number of downmarket reality TV stars.

Overall, 55 percent of parents would be very worried if their child had a name linked to a hashtag, meme or other internet trend, with one in 25 encouraging their child to use a middle name or change their name altogether.

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“Look, Felicia, we’re just going to have to go with ‘Anne’ for now.” Image: iStock.

Could this be the end of Emma too?

SJ Strum, baby name expert, said: “Although Alexa was a popular choice a few years ago, the rapid proliferation of Amazon Alexa is killing it off. No one wants a daughter and a device with the same name.

“And this problem will only grow. If Facebook ever launches its rumoured AI personal assistant M, it will end the popularity of Emma, which is shortened to Em.

“And Samantha, Harmony and Solana are all definite no-nos as they’re all brands of sex robot. These are problems no parent faced a few years ago.”

This article first appeared in The Sun and has been republished here with permission. By Sarah Barns.

Millennial parents are shunning these 10 ‘unpopular’ baby names because they don’t fit with modern standards. Find out if your baby’s name is on the list.


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