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13 Baby Names That Start With U For Ultra-Cool Kids

If you’re looking for a name that’s unique, but not too unusual, then consider the letter U. As the baby names that start with U prove, this letter marks the beginning of some truly gorgeous names. It’s a letter that needs more love when it comes to naming, honestly.

Part of the allure of names that begin with U is their rarity. To be embarrassingly honest for a moment, the first U-fronted name I could remember was Ursula. You know, she’s the sea witch from The Little Mermaid. Although she’s a divine villain, and I’d have no problem naming a kid after her, there are so many more U-names worth considering.

Drawing from epic poetry, Arthurian legends, nature, and so much more, these names that begin with U are definitely worth your consideration. Whether you want to you name your kid after a wild animal or a cool concept, there are plenty of U-fronted names that fit the bill. Plus, the names on this list are generally pretty simple to say or spell, so you kid isn’t doomed to a lifetime of misspelled Starbucks cups. Read on for the best names that start with U that won’t be out of place in a modern Kindergarten class.


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This is a name with incredibly positive connotations. Referencing togetherness, the name Unity dates back to the Puritans, as noted in She Knows.


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A short and simple one, the name Uja means to grow, as explained in She Knows. In other words, it’s a lovely choice for your growing baby.


The Russian form of Juliana, the name Ulyana is striking and beautiful, according to Behind the Name. Chances are, it’s also a pretty unique choice. Your kid won’t run in to too many of these names in the preschool class.


Perhaps best known as a sort of delicacy you can get at the sushi bar, Uni is also a boy’s name with Latin origin, as noted in Babble. It’s a fun choice if you come from a family of foodies.


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A name that means of the waves, Undine is a beautiful choice for any kid, as explained in She Knows. It’s the perfect moniker for a future surfer or any other water baby.


Meaning “greatest” or “supreme” in Arabic, the name Uzma is simply cool, as explained in Behind the Name. Why not name your kid something so powerful?


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A Norman form of the name Eugene, Ugène is a cool variation, as noted in Behind The Name. It’s simple and easy to spell, but the accent gives it a little flair.


The name of King Arthur’s father in Arthurian legend, the name Uther is steeped in literature and lore, as explained in Baby Name Wizard. It’s perfect for your own little king.


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The name Ulfred means wolf of peace, as noted in She Knows. This officially makes it one of the most awesome names I’ve ever heard.


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