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14 Rare baby names,That Will Make You Raise Your Eyebrow

Rare Baby Names That Will Raise Your Eyebrows  

More and more families are choosing rare baby names, we have never heard of before. Celebrities and well known people are not afraid to stand out, by choosing a rare name for their newborn.

As soon as couples hear the news of their incoming newborn, they start thinking about its name. While many of them come up with extraordinary names, others name their babies in the most unusual ways. Probably they think that is something which might bring unbound luck for their newborn. Obviously, who knows? This is particularly true in case of celebrities. They live a unique life and they do shift this uniqueness in their baby’s name – you know, just to stay in the headlines and make everyone talk about them. Of course, the lucky charm is also something being stressed upon.

We have listed a few of the most rare baby names that are bizarre yet intriguing names for you. They are bound to cause not only amusement for you, but also give you a head start in giving your baby an unusual name.

Let’s delve into the list of the most rare baby names, shall we?

1. North West

Kim Kardashian West and Kayne West named their daughter North West not because of an accident, but through mutual agreement. It was, at first a rumor, which turned out to be a reality when Kim and Kayne decided that this name suited their daughter well.

2. Rocket Zot

This is the name of the son of Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle Worthington. They chose this name just because it sounded well. The name Rocket was random, but Zot was the name of the child’s maternal grandfather.

3. Ode Mountain

Jena Malone named her son Ode Mountain in 2016. The full name is, however, Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone. The inspiration for the name is not yet as such revealed yet.

4. Audio Science

What could have possibly hit Shannyn Sossamon when she named her son Audio Science? It could be what she majored in at her college, who knows?

5. Apple

Apple is a brand name, it is a fruit name, and now, it is the name of a girl. Apple Blyth Alison Martin is the full name of the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-hubby Chris Martin. Well, we can’t say anything about the inspiration for the name so far.

6. Zowie Bowie

Pronouncing this name is almost as if you’re pulling someone from their cheeks. It was given by David Bowie and his wife Mary Barnett to their son. However, he didn’t seem to like it that much. So, later he changed his name to Duncan.

7. Coco

Yes, Coco is an animated movie, but back in 2004, actors Courtney Cox and David Arquette named their daughter Coco Riley. The two names seem to perfectly match each other and create a symphony.

8. Everest

The mighty Mount Everest could have been the inspiration for George Lucas and Mellody Hobson when they named their daughter Everest Hobson. Unusual name for a girl, no?

9. Rainbow Aurora

The Girls Next Door star Holly Madison named her daughter Rainbow Aurora after a girl she was jealous at school. Although a lot of haters spewed their venom, the actor stood her ground and never changed her decisions.

10. Elsie Otter

Zooey Deschanel had her inspiration from the name “sea otter”. Only she could choose such an offbeat name for her child. Her husband, Jacob Pechenik was totally fine with it, though.

11. Rocket Ayer

Pharrell Williams and his wife named their son Rocket Ayer. Talking about the inspiration of the name, Pharrell said that he wanted to name his son just the way Indians name their children, behind some force or animal. Also, he said that all his favorite musicians inspired him, including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Herbie Hancock.

12. Stormy

Why in the world would a couple name their newborn Stormy? Well, we know. They would because this is the name that gives power. Jenna Elfman did know this and this is why she named her newborn “Stormy”. Psst. You can also name your son Stormy if he unleashes too much of a storm if you know what we mean.

13. Blue Ivy

When Beyonce and Jay-Z wanted something unique for their baby doll, they came up with Blue Ivy. As much as the name is grand and alluring, so are the parents of this child. We believe only they could come up with a name so peaceful yet apocalyptic – you know like the name of a Greek God ready to smash all the evil. Of course, it’s not a Greek God’s name, just a speculation.

14. Cricket

Cricket is the name of a game, of an insect, and now, of the name of Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein’s daughter. The name’s a bit quirky for a girl, but the couple has managed to eliminate that by adding “Pearl” to the name. Thus, naming their newborn as Cricket Pearl.   When it comes to naming children, celebs have definitely taken an edge. They seem to not follow the usual set up or norm. Instead, they simply follow their inspiration and what their hearts say. But more than this, they name their children as such just to blend luck, goodwill, and the fates of their child. Would you choose one of the above-mentioned name to your child?

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