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20 Unique Irish Baby Names With Meanings

Irish names tend be unique and interesting with Gaelic roots. However the difference between the spelling and the pronunciation of the names make us shy away from saying them out loud. The names however are very beautiful and just like the Irish accent, soothing and melodic to the ears.

Unique Irish Baby Names And Meanings:

Here is list of 20 best Irish names for boys and girls with meanings as follows.

Irish Girl Names And Meanings:

1. Siobhan:

This is a popular, traditional Gaelic name and very beautiful. Pronounced Shivawn, it means God is gracious. A baby girl called Siobhan may have a pure soul and grow to be an epitomy of kindness and graciousness.

2. Teagan:

A variation on the Welsh name Tegwig, Teagan has become a very fashionable baby name in recent years. Is it any wonder when you realize the name means attractive. A baby girl with this name is bound to blossoms into a beautiful, graceful maiden.

3. Aoife:

Irish legend tells tales of the world’s fiercest female warrior whose name was Aoife. Pronounced Eefa, this name is one of Ireland’s most popular names. Meaning beautiful and radiant, you can expect your little princess to radiate beauty with a no nonsense feisty nature.

4. Enya:

Most of us will remember Enya from the harmonious, melodic music she gave us back in the 90’s. The name is from the classic Irish Eithne. Meaning fire, the baby girl with this name may have an intense nature, with a fiery and passionate spirit.

5. Maeve:

Another name rooted in Irish legend, Maeve was a great, warrior queen. The name actually means she who intoxicates or a cause of great joy. A baby girl called name would no doubt bring great joy to her happy parents and probably cast a spell on those who admire her.

6. Sinead:

A typically Irish name, Sinead has a beautiful ring to it. Pronounced Shinaid, the name became popular because of the famous Irish singer Sinead O’Connor. It means God’s gracious gift . Guaranteed your little angel will definitely be a precious gift you’ve wished for.

7. Niamh:

Pronounced Neev, an Irish Gaelic name featuring in an old Irish legend. Niamh was the golden haired daughter of a sea God. With a beautiful meaning like lustre, radiance and bright, your little deity can only be radiant and full of life, bringing light and happiness into everyone’s life.

8. Caitlyn:

A classic Irish name, this is a variation on Catherine, it also has a variety of spellings. The name has been used extensively through the years and has found a renewed lease of life because of Caitlyn Jenner. Meaning pure, your little princess would be gentle with a pure heart filled with love and kindness.

9. Bree:

Another traditional Gaelic name, Bree is short and sweet and hasn’t been overused thus keeping it unique. Meaning strength or exalted one, you can expect a baby girl with this name to have a strong character and grow into an intelligent, refined young lady.

Irish Boy Names And Meanings:

10. Ciara:

Pronounced Keera, the name is Irish Gaelic, this was an 7th century saint. The name means dark hair. If you have a brown haired, brown eyed beauty, be sure to called her Ciara and she’ll have a soul as pure as a saint.

11. Finn:

Finn is an adorable name for a baby boy and quite trendy too. The name is Gaelic and Irish legend talks of a young warrior named Finn who was a hero. Finn means fair or blond, so a perfect name for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little soldier.

12. Aiden:

Aiden is springing up everywhere. A very lovely and popular Irish name for a little boy. The name means little fire so you can hope that rather than being hot tempered, your little one will do things with passion, get things done and always be in high spirits

13. Quinn:

Taking us back to ancient Ireland, Quinn is a very old Gaelic name. Meaning leader and intelligence, any little boy with this name could be expected to be very enterprising and creating his own business and climbing high on the career ladder.

14. Liam:

A hugely popular Irish name which soaring to greater heights. Liam is a form of William and it means strong willed and warrior. An adorable name for a boy, your little one may be strong-willed, determined and fight for what’s right.

15. Rory:

Rory brings to mind a freckled little boy with curly red locks. Funnily enough Rory means red king in Gaelic and is associated with not just Irish but Scottish roots. We can imagine an adorable little boy with a shock of red hair running around and taking charge.

16. Declan:

An Irish name with historical significance, after the Irish saint and missionary St Declan. Declan has a nice sound to it and means full of goodness and man of prayer. A child with this name could be very compassionate and be interested in humanitarian duties.

17. Ronan:

A name rooted in Irish legend from saints to ancient kings and in more recent times a centaur in Harry Potter. Ronan is a very popular name. It means little seal. No doubt your bouncing bundle of joy will be as cute as baby seals and may love the water.

18. Niall:

This name can be pronounced two ways, either the typical Neil or Nile. Again Irish legend surround this name, apparently a long line of kings was founded by a king of this name. Meaning champion, your little Niall is bound to be a winner in whatever task he undertakes.

19. Seamus:

Harry Potter series made the name famous but the name Seamus has been around for centuries. A Gaelic form of James, it is quite widespread, the name is pronounced Shaymus and means supplanter. Why not name your baby boy Seamus and raise a budding leader, let him aim for the sky and he’ll be one people look up to for sure.

20. Nolan:

Traditionally an Irish surname, in modern times its is used as a first time. A unique name becoming more popular. It means champion and a little boy with this name would be a champion of his parents’ hearts as well as in life itself.

The above Irish names for both girls and boys, you will have noticed have such melodic and harmonious sounds to them and each one is steeped in legend and history. The trend now seems to be that people are returning to traditional Irish names.

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