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21 Baby Names From The 1800s, That Are Due A Comeback

When it’s time to pick out a name for your baby, consider going retro. I mean, really retro. The baby names from the 1800s we should bring back will give you major vintage vibes in the best way.

For inspiration, I reviewed the top names of the 1880s list from the Social Security Administration. This list of the 200 most popular names for girls and boys included data from 1,177,165 male births and 1,399,569 female births. It’s a fascinating look at the way some names have remained popular over the decades, whereas others have fallen out of favor.

It’s these underused names that I focused on, because the 1800s were full of some truly beautiful and classic monikers. Drawing inspiration from nature and history, many of these names are just poised for a comeback. They’re a great choice because the names aren’t overly common, but they’re still familiar. In other words, you’re kid won’t have to repeat or spell out their name several times during every introduction for the rest of their lives.

Better still, you might be able to draw a connection to these names from ancestors in your own family. Whatever your inspiration, these vintage baby names are well worth your consideration.




Derived from the Latin name Claudius, the name Claude hit peak popularity in the 1880s, as explained in Baby Name Wizard. Bring it back.


This is an absolutely gorgeous name that is finally coming back in vogue. It would also make a perfect middle name for any child.



Although it may immediately make you think of the Lewis Carroll story, this is a classic name. Meaning noble, the name Alice is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as noted in Name Berry.


It has such a lovely, mysterious sound to it. Plus, the name Cora is derived from the Greek word for maiden, as noted in Baby Name Wizard.



OK, so I just love all names that are inspired by nature. Regardless, the name Pearl is absolutely lovely in any century.


This name Julius was pretty popular in the late 1800s, and it’s seeing a bit of a resurgence now, according to Baby Name Wizard. Hey, few other names appear in both Shakespeare plays and popular mall snacks (AKA the Orange Julius).


Again, these sweet and sentimental names get me every time.




Anyone named Oscar is basically guaranteed to be super cool.


Meaning army ruler, the name Walter is a classic choice for any kid, as noted in Nameberry.


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