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All the baby names for girls and boys set to disappear in 2018

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Baby names are always going in and out of fashion.

Some trends are more temporal – taking inspo from Ikea furniture, for example, while others seem to last the test of time by virtue of being actual names.

And every year, we’re warned that a load of names are set to be consigned to history because no one’s using them anymore.

Bounty has just released a list of the baby names set for extinction this year; some are pretty old-fashioned (Hey Arnold may have been a classic but no one’s naming their kid after him anymore) but others are dying out, despite their celeb status. Apparently, the name Kourtney is about to disappear, as is Macauley.

‘Classically traditional “old lady” names Cecelia and Cecily are on their way to becoming extinct this year if not revived, along with Sandra, which admittedly not be an obvious one to revive without there being a strong and meaningful family connection to the name,’ a spokesperson for Bounty says.

‘Even with the popularity of the Kardashians today, the name Kourtney is heading for extinction alongside Mimi and Bonny.’

The boys’ names set for extinction, according to Bounty:

1. Jago
2. Macauley
3. Leroy
4. Guy
5. Fabio
6. Soren
7. Arnold
8. Carl
9. Ivor
10. Marcos

The girls’ names set for extinction, according to Bounty:

1. Cecelia
2. Bridie
3. Bonny
4. Cecily
5. Mimi
6. Aubrie
7. Mika
8. Roxanne
9. Alora
10. Kourtney

But if you’re after an unusual baby name with traditional routes, these kinds of lists might prove quite useful.

And they don’t all sound ancient; after all, Soren does sound like it *could* be an Ikea wardrobe.

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