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An Australian Hospital Has Revealed The Top Baby Names Of 2017

Now one of Queensland’s top private hospitals, Greenslopes Private Hospital, has released the most popular baby names of the year.

With over 1200 babies delivered in the building per year, the staff took note of each newborn’s name, reports .

For girls, Olivia took the lead (unsurprisingly so, as it’s the top girl’s name in the world), followed closely by Zara, Zoe, Addison and Ava.

For boys, Harrison, Henry, Oliver and William all tied for first place and Liam, Charlie and Jacob were close behind. Potentially due to the impending release of Star Wars.

“People get their influences from everywhere, and Star Wars is a huge phenomenon so it could well be an influencer,” Greenslopes maternity services manager Raechel Frost told The Courier Mail, referencing that actor Harrison Ford could be behind the name Harrison catapulting to the top. 


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