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Baby Names Associated with the Highest Wealth and Success- PureWow

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Babies with *These* Names Are Likeliest to Grow Up to Be Rich

RichVintage/Getty Images

You can name your baby according to zodiac sign, after Texan cowboys or in homage to literary icons. But if you really want your kid to hit it big, researchers have helpfully narrowed down your options.

Analysts at UK job site Adzuna reportedly scanned half a million résumés to isolate the names linked to the highest salaries.

The winners for girls were Lily, Isabella, Ella, Amelia and Emily.

Boys named Oscar, George, Oliver, Thomas and Charlie were likeliest to deliver on their earning potential.

So how did these findings stack up against similar studies done in , and ? Welp, the names of the highest earners varied wildly.

Still, research shows that certain names do tend to be associated with success, specifically ones that are common, easy to pronounce, gender neutral, closer to the beginning of the alphabet and short.

Something to keep in mind as you weigh Anna against .

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