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17 Baby Names Inspired by Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat is around the corner, and the chorus to that song I learned in Jewish day school has been stuck in my head for the past week… And if you went to Hebrew school as a kid — or your kids are enrolled in one now — then surely you know the one: Tu Bishvat higiyah, chag Ha’Ilanot! (“Tu Bishvat is here, the holiday for trees!”).

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61 Aquarius Baby Names

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Popular Baby Names Predicted For 2019 – Simplemost

A new year means new trends — and that includes baby names! If you’re expecting a baby in 2019 (or perhaps just planning for the future), you’re probably already making a list of monikers that will be suitable for your little one.

Before you settle on the perfect name, check out our predictions for which ones will be the most popular in the upcoming year. Based on recent naming trends, you could soon hear a lot of these at baby showers or on the playground.

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Top baby names, Canada, in 2018

Top baby names, Canada, in 2018

The count is in an the top baby names in Canada last year have been released.

According to the site “Baby Centre”, short names have become very popular for girls last year, while for boys, a lot of popular names ended with “..son”.  Jackson, Mason, and Grayson made the top ten.

For baby girl’s in 2018, the previous number one pick Olivia, has been knocked way down the pan Canadian list to the number 18 spot.

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Netflix-Inspired Baby Names
Netflix-Inspired Baby Names | Baby Chick

Among the dozens of choices you’ll make for your baby, arguably one of the toughest to decide on is their name: for months, we mulled over baby names for a boy that I was just certain I was carrying, only to discover our little gentleman was a feisty baby girl: we were elated, but had zillions of boy names with no CLUE what we’d name a girl.

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The top 100 baby names for 2018

The Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (Victoria) has just revealed the state’s most popular baby names and – unsurprisingly – Oliver and Olivia were the tip-top choices. Take a bow kids!

A bunch of other brilliant names ranked as super popular too, with some interesting trends emerging for both boys and girls.

Say hello to the baby boys of 2018!

Boy names veered from the traditional – hello Thomas and James – to the regal – g’day Charles,

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Most Popular & Trending Baby Names for 2019

If you’re a child of the ’80s or ’90s, we bet you can remember the sea of Jennifers, Jessicas, Michaels and Christophers you grew up with. Thankfully, the decades since have seen the rise of unique baby names from which to choose.

Whether you’re looking for trendy baby names, hot new takes on popular picks or something completely different, scroll on for our roundup of the biggest baby name trends to be on the lookout for this year.

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26 Precious Baby Names For Preemies

From the moment the pregnancy test reads positive, we quickly envision the best of all possible worlds: minimal sickness, a cute baby bump, and a delivery that’s both easy and on time. But life has a way of laughing at our expectations. More often than you might think, moms find themselves in the delivery room long before their due date. It’s a reminder of the uncertainty of life, and with that in mind,

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Irish Baby Names 2017 and 1967 –

The CSO has today (28 February, 2018) released the most popular Irish Baby Names of 2017. Commenting on the report, Carol Anne Hennessy, statistician said: “Jack has reclaimed the top spot as the most popular baby boys name in 2017, a position it has held since 2007, with the exception of 2016, when James was the most popular choice. Jack was followed by James, Daniel, Conor and Sean as the first five most popular names for boys in 2017.

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BabyCenter Releases Top Baby Names of 2018

BabyCenter recently released its Top 100 Names of 2018. Jackson leads the boys’ list for the sixth year in a row, and Sophia tops the girls’ list for the ninth year running, making it the decade-defining name for girls born in the 2010s.

“Sophia is the dominant girls’ name of the decade, with no signs of slowing down,” says Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience and Global Editor in Chief.