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Here Are The Top 10 Baby Names Of The 1950s – Did Yours Make The List?

The list of the top ten most common baby names changes a lot over the years. That’s why it’s always interesting to go back over the decades and take a look at which baby names were the most popular at any given time.

We’ve compiled the top ten baby names of the 1950s, so take a walk down memory lane as you scroll through them, and see if your name made the list back in the day!

10. Charles and Donna

Charles is an old English name that comes from the word “ceorl” meaning man. Meanwhile, Donna is an Italian name that was originally a title of respect for women meaning “lady of the home.”

9. Mark & Nancy

Mark is a biblical name that derives from Marcus, a Latin name for Mars, the Roman god of war. Nancy can be traced back to the 13th century in Britain, where it meant “grace.”

8. Thomas & Karen

Thomas is a Biblical name that comes from the Aramaic word for “twins.” Karen was original short for Katherine, and it comes from a Dutch word for “pure.”

7. Richard & Debra

Richard means “strong ruler” in German, and there was a massive spike in this name after World War II. However, Richard is not even in the top 200 most common names these days. Debra is a biblical word for “bee,” and while it was popular in the 1950s, it is now the 7,792nd most common baby name in the U.S.

6. William & Barbara

William, which remains an extremely popular name in the U.S., is an old German word that become common in England as far back as 1066. Barbara comes from the Greek word barbaros, which means “traveler from a foreign land.”

5. David & Deborah

David is a biblical name meaning “beloved,” and Deborah is another form of Debra, so they have the same origin.

4. John & Susan

John is a Hebrew name that means “Jehovah is gracious,” and it has been popular since biblical times. Susan is also a Hebrew name that means “lily,” but unlike John, it’s popularity has declined in the last few decades.

3. Robert & Patricia

Robert, which is still a very common name, and it stems from an Old English word that means “bright flame.” Patricia is the feminine form of Patrick, and it means “noble.” While it was popular for decades, it’s popularity has plummeted in the last two decades.

2. Michael & Linda

Michael is a Hebrew name that means “who is like God?” or “Gift from God,” and it has been common since biblical times. Linda comes from a German word for “soft” or “tender,” and it can also mean “beautiful” in Spanish and Portuguese. While the popularity of the name Linda declined after the 1950s, it is seeing a resurgence as of late, as it has become a trendy name.

1. James & Mary

James comes from the name Jacob, a Hebrew name that means “one who follows.” Mary, of course, was popularized in the Bible as the name of Jesus Christ’s mother.

What’s your favorite name on this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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