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Mums reveal the baby names they were forced to scrap… and some are hilarious

MUMS have revealed the baby names they were forced to axe – and some of them are hilarious.

Many thought they have picked out the perfect moniker for their little one, until someone else pointed out a glaring problem.

Mums have revealed the baby name ideas they were forced to scrap (Picture posed by model)

Taking to the parenting website Kidspot, mums have shared the names that didn’t quite make the cut.

Haley Potter commented: “Was always going to call my boy Harrison … couldn’t bring myself to do it with the last name of Potter.”

While Lauren Baker said: “I loved the name Ryder but my kids’ last name is Nay, their dad’s nickname is Pony and their uncle’s nickname is Horse.

“I just thought that Ryder Nay was a name that could too easily become Horse Rider or Pony Rider … we went with Flynn and I love the name.”

Parents were forced to axe baby names after others pointed out glaring problems (Picture posed by models)

Meanwhile, Lisa Peachy joked: “I loved the name Grace but we already had a son named Will and we didn’t want Will & Grace!”

Other youngsters were nearly accidentally named after pop culture icons.

Kylie Walker joked: “I really wanted to call my daughter Skye but husband said no way!”

While Michelle Aguis said: “[We liked] Ronald, but my partner’s last name’s Macdonald and there was no way that was going to happen.”

And, a Mrs Martin joked: “We liked Aston.”

One mum admitted calling her son Jack could have led to a lifetime of dog jokes: “I always wanted to have a son and name him Jack.

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“It was my favourite boys’ name since I was 14 then I married into the Russell family.”

While, Skye Mee said: “Ewan was the funniest of many with our surname. Ewen Mee. Say it out loud if you don’t get it.”

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