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Peregrine, Cuthbert and PTOLEMY… parents reveal the poshest baby names they’ve overheard at playgroup

FANCY giving your child an “upper class” name?

A mum kickstarted a comical forum thread asking parents to share some posh monikers, and she was flooded with responses – from Cuthbert to Bunny and Peregrine.

Mumsnet users have been sharing the poshest names they’ve overheard in the playground

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman posted: “Hit me with your upper class/well to do baby girl names that are still used today!”

Forum users were quick to chime in with suggestions they’ve overheard in the playground.

One suggested Shakespeare-inspired names were a good place to start, mentioning Ophelia, Serephenia and Persephone.

Another mum added a string of boys’ names, and said: “Boys name with a ‘wet’ vibe. Cuthbert, Rupert, Peregrine, Timothy.”

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For girls, the names Fenella, Arabella, Eleanore were suggested by one mum, but another replied and added: “I’ve met a few Arabellas and they definitely have not fit the description.

“However the little Ophelia I knew certainly did! St John is one I feel speaks to a certain class. Maybe Tarquin? Girls names are much harder I think.”

Meanwhile, one Mumsnet user claimed that “genuinely” upper class kids have traditional names like James or Charles, and then these are replaced by very “strange” nicknames as they grow up.

The thread started by a mum asking for the most ‘upper class’ names still used today
Many mums offered their own suggestions, including ‘Teddy’ and ‘Hugo’

However, some claimed the bonkers monikers start from birth, citing “Butter, Jet, and Bundle” as example posh names.

The post even attracted the attention of some boarding school teachers, who added their own students’ names into the mix.

One said: “I have taught Bunny, Clementine, Ophelia, Wren, Rupert, Peregrine, Caleb, Winter, Alexander and a Hugo.”

So what do you think? Know any names that sound upper class?



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