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Popular 90s baby names are making a comeback in 2018, says Mumsnet

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Nineties nostalgia is hitting us hard.

We long for the simpler pre-Twitter days, think fondly of our gone but not forgotten Tamagotchi, and continue to mourn the loss of turkey twizzlers on school lunch menus.

That emotional return to the 90s applies to the names we’re choosing for our offspring, too, according to a survey by Mumsnet.

The parenting site reveals that baby names popular in the 1990s are making a comeback, from the return of James – the second most popular boy’s name in 1994, now the 12th most popular – to a resurgence of Charlotte – number four in 1994, now number 12.

A few of the nineties names that are increasing in popularity are Daniel, Emma, Samuel, Luke, and Hannah.

Those might all just seem like standard, classic names, but they were all especially popular in the nineties, and are now climbing their way back to the top of baby name lists in 2018.

Baby names from further back in time, however, aren’t proving as popular.

Mumsnet’s research found that the top ten girls’ names from 1964, including Susan, Jacqueline, and Deborah, remain unpopular. The most popular name on the list is Helen, but only 23% of those surveyed said they liked that name.

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Some names from 1964 are dying out completely, with Diane liked by just 8% of respondents, while Tracey and Sharon, in sixth and tenth place in 1964 respectively, were liked by just 3% of those surveyed.

Of all the girls’ names from 1994 and 1964, respondents said they’d be least likely to name their baby girl Sharon or Tracey, and ONS shows that in 2016 there were just six babies named Tracey and 30 named Sharon.

Sorry, Tracey and Sharon. But hey, at least if you are keen on those names, they’re not going to be super common.


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