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‘Star Wars’ Inspired Baby Names That Go Beyond Luke and Leia


It’s easy to pick out a Star Wars super-fan if they have children named Luke or Leia. Those two names have become wildly popular since the franchise erupted in 1977 and as new movies emerge in the series, the fandom has continued to grow.

If you consider yourself a mega-fan, but you don’t want to put it as out there when it comes to naming your children, it is possible to give a nod without it being very obvious.

The franchise has some amazing names to choose from as inspiration and not all of them will stand out as big as the top characters in the movie. It comes to choosing wisely – naming your child Jar-Jar isn’t going to hide your fandom, but these 12 names are the perfect mix of inspiration and fandom without sticking out like a sore thumb.

baby girl
Image via Etsy/ theprimitivefence

Star Wars inspired girl names:

Fae, named after the Jedi master, Fae Coven.

Jaina, named after the twin sister of Anakin.

Aurra, named after the bounty hunter Aurra Sing.

Mara, named after the wife of Luke, Mara Jade Skywalker.

Vima, named after Jedi master Vima Sunrider.

Nomi, named after Jedi master Nomi Sunrider.

baby boy
Image via Etsy/ OvillitosDesigns

Star Wars inspired boy names:

Ben, one of the more popular names in general and named after Ben Skywalker.

Dash, named after the character Dash Rendar.

Mace, named after Jedi master Mace Windu.

Owen, named after Anakin’s step-brother Owen Lars.

Revan, named after Jedi master / Dark Lord Revan.

Talon named after the smuggler Talon Karrde.

What is your favorite Star Wars name? Share in the comments below!

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