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The most popular baby names with Cornish origins are revealed

If you are expecting a baby and want like to give your child a Cornish name – look no further.

A list of the top names with local origins has just been released by Cornwall Council.

The meanings of these names range from everything to ‘elm tree’ to ‘mermaid’.

Here are some of the top Cornish names…


  • Androw (m) Cornish equivalent of Andrew
  • Arthur (m) the legendary king of Cornwall
  • Aswen (f) saint who gave her name to
  • Advent, Cornish patron saint of sweethearts


  • Borlewen (f) meaning ‘morning star’
  • Briallen (f) meaning ‘primrose’


  • Caradoc (m) the name of a legendary Duke of Cornwall, meaning ‘amiable’ (see also Karadok)
  • Chesten (f) Cornish equivalent of Christine
  • Clemmo (m) Cornish equivalent of Clemence (see also Klemmo)
  • Conan (m) Cornish saint (see also Konan)


  • Davydh (m) Cornish equivalent of David
  • Demelza (m) from the place name on Goss Moor, meaning ‘Maeldaf’s Fort’
  • Dewi (m) Cornish pet form of David
Demelza and Ross Poldark


  • Elowen (f) meaning ‘elm tree’
  • Elys (f) Cornish pet form of Elizabeth
  • Eseld (f) from the legend of Tristan and Eseld


  • Gawen (m) Cornish form of Gawain from the Arthurian legends
  • Gerens (m) Cornish form of Geraint, who gave his name to Gerrans on the Roseland


  • Humfra (m) Cornish equivalent of Humphrey
  • Hykka (m) Cornish pet form of Richard


  • Ia (f) patron saint of St Ives Igerna (f) the mother of King Arthur


  • Jago (m) Cornish equivalent of James
  • Jacka (m) Cornish equivalent of Jack
  • Jeffra (m) Cornish pet form of Geoffrey
  • Jenefer (f) Cornish equivalent of Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur
  • Jenken (m) Cornish Christian name as well as surname
  • Jenna (f) Cornish equivalent of Jane
  • Jori (m) Cornish equivalent of George
  • Josep (m) Cornish equivalent of Joseph
  • Josepa (f) Cornish equivalent of Josephine
  • Jowan (m) Cornish equivalent of John
Josep also has its origins in Catalonia. Pictured is football manager Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola


  • Kaja (f) meaning ‘daisy’
  • Karadok (m) name of a legendary Duke of Cornwall, meaning ‘amiable’ (see also Caradok)
  • Katel (f) Cornish equivalent of Catherine
  • Ke (m) saint who gave his name to the parish of Kea
  • Kelyn (f) meaning ‘holly’
  • Kensa (m/f) meaning ‘first’
  • Kenwyn (m) saint who gave his name to the parish of Kenwyn
  • Kerensa (f) meaning ‘love’
  • Klemmo (m) Cornish equivalent of Clemence (see also Clemmo)
  • Kytto (m) Cornish equivalent of Christopher
  • Konan (m) Cornish saint


  • Lowena (f) meaning ‘joy’


  • Margh (m) meaning ‘horse’, an early form of the name Mark
  • Maria (f) Cornish equivalent of Mary
  • Mathi (m) Cornish pet form of Matthew
  • Melwynn (f) meaning ‘fair honey’
  • Meriasek (m) patron saint of Camborne
  • Mewan (m) saint who gave his name to St Mewan near St Austell
  • Mihal (m) Cornish equivalent of Michael
  • Morgan (m) meaning ‘great song’
  • Morgana (f) female equivalent of Morgan
  • Morgelyn (f) meaning ‘sea holly’
  • Morvoren (f) meaning ‘mermaid’
  • Morwenna (f) saint who gave her name to Morwenstow
Morwenna from Poldark (right)


  • Nessa (m/f) meaning ‘second’
  • Nonna (f) mother of St David of Wales, who gave her name to Altarnun
  • Nikka (m) Cornish pet form of Nicholas


  • Pawl (m) Cornish equivalent of Paul
  • Peder (m) Cornish equivalent of Peter
  • Peran (m) patron saint of Cornwall
  • Petrok (m) saint who gave his name to Padstow
  • Piran (m) patron saint of Cornwall (see also Peran)


  • Rosen (f) meaning ‘rose’
  • Ruan (m) saint who gave his name to several places on the Lizard
  • Rudhek (m) Cornish equivalent of Robin


  • Seleven (m) saint who gave his name to St Levan
  • Senara (f) saint who gave her name to Zennor
  • Sewena (f) meaning success
  • Stefan (m) Cornish equivalent of Stephen
  • Stefana (f) Cornish equivalent of Stephanie


  • Talek (m) meaning ‘broad browed’
  • Talwynn (f) meaning ‘fair browed’
  • Tamara (f) who gave her name to the river Tamar, according to legend
  • Tamsin (f) Cornish equivalent of Thomasina
  • Taran (m) meaning ‘thunder’
  • Tegen (f) meaning ‘pretty little thing’
  • Tekka (f) meaning ‘fairer’
  • Tewdar (m) the name of a king of Cornwall
  • Tristan (m) from the legend of Tristan and Eseld
Actress Tamsin Egerton


  • Uther (m) the father of King Arthur


  • Wella (m) Cornish equivalent of William


  • Yestin (m) Cornish equivalent of Justin

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