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The outlandish baby names US parents chose last year

Photo: Alamy
Photo: Alamy

The baby name world would be quite dull if people didn’t choose outlandish baby names, and top US baby name site Nameberry has carved its very own niche covering the most topical baby name issues.

Now they have mined the data to identify the most outrageous selections used by parents last year. In an article for HuffPost, Nameberry’s Esmeralda Rocha has cleverly categorised a number of astonishing name choices. We’ve weeded out the most eccentic of those.

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In Rocha’s ‘Attitude’ category, the selections cover a vast range of questionable behaviours and attributes. Not necessarily ones you’d want for your little bundle of joy to develop.

Riot was the clear winner of this category – 46 boys and 16 girls were bestowed with the chaotic moniker. 38 baby girls were named Vanity, and 28 girls were called Envy. Other names with attitude include Brazen, Slayer, Havoc, Shooter, Arson, Yoyo and Furious.

Some parents went with a brand identity last year and Elon Musk should be delighted that there will be 130 girls and 11 boys named Tesla running around shortly, spreading brand awareness for the electric car. Other brand names used for babies include, Maybelline, Fanta, Evian, and Beretta.

Then there’s the ‘Notorious Namesakes’ category – the shocking standout would have to be Stalin. Then there’s Attila, Casanova, Capone, Godiva, Jezebel and JesseJames.

Some of the most astonishing names belong to the ‘Head-scratchers’ group. In this category, it seems masculinity is an overarching theme with 28 named Boy and six named Son. Other manly names were Babyboy, Mister, Man, Papa,

Other head-scratchers include I-am (21 boys), Nil, Girl, Babygirl, Paw, My, God, Moo, Abcde and Any.

Then of course, there are the much-touted ‘Prestige’ names that have really exploded in the past few years. Kaiser hit the top 1000 at #929 for boys, then there’s Caesar, Pharaoh, Empress, Emperor, Heiress, Milady, General, Czarina, Czar, Duchess, and Sirprince.

There’s little doubt Australians are much more conservative namers, but it’s always interesting to see names being used by people unafraid to be totally out there when it comes to naming their children.


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