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The Top (And Best) Baby Names Are Actually Nouns

Babylist (who we love because they named the dictionary and thesaurus as some of the top ways to pick a baby name), we’ve ranked awesome noun-inspired names based on the most popular from this year. That way, you can either be in on the trend … or go the complete opposite (unique, unpronounceable, but amazingly you) way with your dream baby name.

While the Puritans may have been way off about many things (corporal punishment, shunning outsiders, the Salem Witch Trials), we have to respect their bold taste in first names. In early America, many first names were nouns—suggesting the virtue or the pilgrim parents wanted their children to embody. Some Puritanical names are best left to the 1600s (Humiliation and Obedience, we’re looking at you), but others are perfectly descriptive for 2018. None of these made the Babylist ranks (read below for those trendy names), but we like these all the same.

  • Constance (Yup, this one is a noun, it means “constant.”)
  • Prudence(HungerGames worthy and a noun meaning “cautiousness.”)

Names that are also occupations 

It’s likely that you know someone with the last name Miller (one who mills), Baker (one who bakes), or Cook (one who—you get the idea). Similarly, many occupations have been adopted as first names. These occupational names have been popular since the 1600s and 1700s, so there’s history here and a bit of a vintage feel … plus naming your child one of these names doesn’t mean you’re determining their career for them—don’t worry they’ll still live in your basement in 22 years no matter what.

If you’ve already found your perfect noun baby name, it’s time to create a personalized book so you can read your cute little noun name over and over. 

Names that are also outdoor nouns

Flowers, plants, mountains, bodies of water: Lovely outdoor vistas have always been popular sources for names. While some of these old-fashioned names have fallen out of favor, many have been making a steady comeback—from River Phoenix in the 90s to Bear Grylls today.

Names that are also food

When in doubt, everyone loves food and food names. Don’t believe us? Ask Kobe Bryant.

What’s better than naming your baby one of these noun names? Creating a puzzle out of the name … of course.

Names that are also geography nouns

In recent years, Americans have paid homage to the classic “noun as first name” tradition with a relatively new trend: naming children after world cities. Metropolitan names are increasingly popular, with Madison consistently ranking in the top 500 for girl names. Huh—must be a lot of honeymoons in Wisconsin.

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