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The upcoming Royal Wedding has had a hand in the most popular baby names for spring

The upcoming royal wedding has had a hand in the most popular baby names for spring
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Hey, not sure if you’ve noticed this (it’s been kept pretty quiet, right?), but there’s a Royal Wedding coming up.

Yep, sweet Prince Harry is marrying lovely Meghan Markle on 19 May. We’re all very excited.

All the hype for the big day has had an impact on what parents want to name their kids, according to the latest baby names survey from Emma’s Diary.

While Daisy remains the most popular name for spring 2018 (it was in second place last spring 2017), Meghan has made its way into the top 20, while for boys, Harry is now the most popular name of the season.

Louis’s birth is probably too recent to have had an impact on this round of baby name trends, but we reckon it’ll rise in popularity over the next year or so.

The top 20 most popular girls’ names for spring:

As is typical in spring, floral names are popular in addition to royal ones – Daisy, as we mentioned, is top, followed by Lily and Iris.

Other floral names appearing in the top 20 include Primrose, Fleur, Bluebell, and Poppy.