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These are the baby names grandparents hate the most… and it’s bad news for Charlotte, Jack and Lindsay

THESE are the baby names that grandparents HATE the most, according to a new survey.

According to research, one in five grandparents dislike their grandchildren’s names – and it’s bad news for those named Charlotte, Jack and Lindsay.

It seems that grandparents can get pretty irate over baby names

The survey, by Mumsnet, suggested that grandparents aren’t fans of “odd”, “ugly”, “unconventional” and “old fashioned” monikers.

Other grandmas and granddads were left miffed after their name suggestions had been discarded by their kids.

Names most unpopular with the older generation include Charlotte, Tabitha, Finn, Jack, Lindsay, Noah and Sally.

The UK’s biggest site for parents, and sister site, Gransnet, surveyed over 2,000 parents and grandparents for the study.

19 per cent of grandparents said “they hate or have hated their grandchild’s name”.

And almost one in six parents said that they have a parent or in-law who hates their child’s name.

19 per cent of grandparents admitted to hating their grandchild’s name at some point

Six per cent have fallen out over the issue and four per cent even said the disagreement was so bad that “they have ended their relationship” with that person.

The top reasons for grandparents’ disapproving of names,  according to parents, were names being “too odd” (28 per cent), annoyance their suggestion had been ignored (20 per cent), names being “unconventional” (15 per cent) or “too old fashioned” (11 per cent).

Meanwhile, others simply thought the name was “too ugly” (five per cent); “too hard to pronounce” (four per cent) or too difficult to spell (three per cent).

The survey also found that grandmothers have much stronger views than grandfathers.

Forty-four per cent of parents who reported complaints said the criticisms came from their own mum while 42 per cent cited mother-in-laws.

Meanwhile just 14 per cent said the criticism came from their own father, or from father-in-laws.

The most unpopular names amongst grandparents

  • Aurora
  • Charlotte
  • Edna
  • Lindsay
  • Sally
  • Bertha
  • Jack
  • Noah
  • Roger
  • Elijah
  • Frank
  • Finn
  • Ian

Parents also said that nine per cent of grandparents would try and avoid using the name at all – with nine per cent choosing to use a shortened nickname.

Mumsnet founder, Justine Roberts, said: “Choosing a baby name is fraught enough for parents if you’re only taking into account your own views; if you add grandparents’ biases to the mix it can become impossible, unless by some freakish chance you’re all in agreement that the baby has Cedric written all over him.

“Parenthood is one long object lesson in not pleasing everyone, and new parents should think of any naming tussles as preparation for coming battles over what constitutes an appropriate outdoor outfit, whether it’s alright to cut the cat’ s hair, and whether two hours is enough time to revise for a GCSE.”

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