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These are the top ten baby names in the US

The climactic conclusion to DONG Energy’s awesome name

A brand manager at Dong Energy finally convinced them that their company name might be getting in the way of their messaging. They will be Ørsted from here out.

British place-names generated by a neural net

Dan Hon (perfecting earlier work by Tom Taylor) trained an AI on the vast corpus of British place names, then set it loose. The results are amazing, illustrative of an uncannily human humor seemingly at work, something you’d never get from the standard syllable-randomizing place name generators of yore. “There aren’t as many cocks as […]

Film examines truth of legendary gathering of fish-surnamed people

In 1987 or so, the Welsh island of Anglesey, legendary redoubt of the druids, hosted a similarly legendary gathering to which only people with fish-themed surnames were invited. In Fish Story, Charlie Lynn (with the help of one Caspar Salmon) sets out to unravel “the truth behind a fishy tale.”

Learn virtually anything with lifetime access to this huge education library

Whether you’re looking to switch careers or advance in the one you’re in, chances are you’re going to need to add some new skills to your repertoire before you can make your move. While going back to school is certainly an option, Virtual Training Company makes it possible for users to acquire new skills in […]

Drink like Han Solo with these Millennium Falcon Ice Molds

After a long day of intergalactic smuggling, Han Solo probably cooled off with something a little stronger than a glass of bantha milk. And now, you can channel your inner smuggler with these Millennium Falcon Ice Molds, available in the Boing Boing Store for $9.99.Cooler than carbonite, these dual molds make two fun, intricate ice Millennium Falcons […]

Build your own railway with the Trainz Platinum Edition Bundle

Trains might not be the most high-tech means of conveyance, but few things match the awe-inspiring size and power of these behemoths roaring across the railways. Trainz: A New Era lets you tap into that sense of wonder by bringing historic trains and routes to life with mind-blowing realism, and with the Platinum Edition Bundle, […]

The Social Security Administration has released its “Top 10 Baby Names of 2017” male and female baby names in the United States. (No info on gender neutral names though.)

1 Liam
2 Noah
3 William
4 James
5 Logan
6 Benjamin
7 Mason
8 Elijah
9 Oliver
10 Jacob

1 Emma
2 Olivia
3 Ava
4 Isabella
5 Sophia
6 Mia
7 Charlotte
8 Amelia
9 Evelyn
10 Abigail

The SSA’s Baby Names page also has ways to look at name ranks by birth year, state, and also changes in popularity.

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