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Top baby names 2018

    The top baby names for 2018 have been revealed, so listen up if you need some inspiration for your incoming little one…

    Picking the perfect baby name can be overwhelming for parents when they’re expecting, but fear not – we’ve got a round-up of baby name lists to inspire you, including the top baby names for this year so far, so you can get an idea of the monikers that will be most popular this year.

    Top baby names 2018 so far

    Now that we’re over half-way through the year, Baby Centre have revealed the most popular names mums and dads have been picking for their little girls and boys so far in 2018.

    For girls, Olivia, Sophia and Amelia are leading the way, while boys’ monikers Muhammad, Oliver and Noah are proving to be a real hit with parents.

    Top baby names 2018 so far for girls

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      1. Olivia
      2. Sophia
      3. Amelia
      4. Lily
      5. Emily
      6. Ava
      7. Isla
      8. Aria
      9. Mia
      10. Isabelle

      Top baby names 2018 so far for boys

      1. Muhammad
      2. Oliver
      3. Noah
      4. George
      5. Harry
      6. Leo
      7. Charlie
      8. Jack
      9. Freddie
      10. Alfie

      Top baby names 2018 in Scotland

      The top 100 baby names in Scotland have been revealed, and official statistics show that some unusual choices are starting to jump into the mainstream.

      While Olivia and Jack retained their top spot for the most popular baby girl and baby boy names, monikers like Luna and Harley are now included in the top 100.

      Other names that showed big jumps in the baby name rankings for 2017 include Aurora, Callie and Penelope.

      For boys, Evan, Struan and Jax have entered the top 100 while others like Freddie, Cooper, Arlo, Hunter and Sonny have also seen a boost in their popularity.

      Check out the top 10 below for more inspiration…

      Top baby names 2018 in Scotland for girls

      1. Olivia
      2. Emily
      3. Isla
      4. Sophie
      5. Jessica
      6. Amelia
      7. Ava
      8. Ella
      9. Charlotte
      10. Aria

      Top baby names 2018 in Scotland for boys

      1. Jack
      2. Oliver
      3. James
      4. Lewis
      5. Noah
      6. Logan
      7. Harris
      8. Alexander
      9. Leo
      10. Harry

      Top baby names around the world

      If you’re looking for a more exotic name for your little one, looking at the most popular names in other countries could be a good way to get some ideas.

      Thanks to Baby Name Wizard, who tracked stats in various countries, you can check which are the most popular monikers around the globe in the past few years.

      Top baby names for girls

      1. Alba – popular in Andorra

      2. Emma – popular in Norway

      3. Amelia – popular in Wales

      4. Angel – popular in the Philippines

      5. Charlotte – popular in Australia

      6. Emily – popular in Northern Ireland

      7. Jana – popular in Jordan

      8. Louise – popular in France

      9. Maria – popular in Portugal

      10. Emma – popular in the Netherlands

      11. Yui – popular in Japan

      Top baby names for boys

      1. Aron – popular in Iceland

      2. Francesco – popular in Italy

      3. Jack – popular in Scotland and Ireland

      4. Lukas – popular in Austria

      5. Nikau – popular in New Zealand

      6. Oliver – popular in England

      7. Rasmus – popular in Estonia

      8. Roberts – popular in Latvia

      9. Sebastian – popular in Puerto Rico

      10. Thomas – popular in Canada (Quebec)

      11. William – popular in Sweden

      Top baby names 2018

      Another list of popular baby names comes from parenting magazine Mother & Baby, who predict what will be the most popular baby names in the UK for 2018.

      While the list features a few trendy additions (hello Reggie!), most baby names that made the top 20 are very traditional – like Amelia, which has been number one for baby girl’s names for six years; and Oliver, which has managed to top the charts since 2013.

      Alongside their top 20, Mother & Baby said: ‘Looking ahead to 2018, the trend for choosing comfortably familiar names, with or without a twist, is definitely going to continue.’

      Top baby girl names for 2018

      1. Amelia 2. Emily 3. Olivia 4. Ella 5. Ava 6. Meghan 7. Mia 8. Jessica 9. Isla 10. Isabella 11. Ada 12. Matilda 13. Evelyn 14. Ivy 15. Emmeline 16. Nora 17. Aurora 18. Victoria 19. Emma 20. Luna

      Amelia has topped the ranking of top baby girl names for six years now, while Meghan is currently in sixth position, suggesting that parents could be getting inspired by Prince Harry’s new wife, Meghan Markle.

      Surprisingly, Charlotte didn’t make the top baby girl names for 2018 list, despite being one of the top 20 most popular baby names in 2017 for girls.

      Top baby boy names for 2018

      1. Oliver 2. Reggie 3. Reuben 4. Theo 5. Thiago 6. George 7. Jack 8. Harry 9. Noah 10. Jacob 11. William 12. Charlie 13. Henry 14. Muhammed 15. Tom 16. Lloyd 17. Finn 18. Atticus 19. Arthur 20. Logan

      For the top baby boys names in 2018, classic Oliver has kept the top position, but Reggie managed to make its way up to number two.

      George is also predicted to be quite popular in 2018, possibly inspired by Kate and William’s little royal.

      Top gender neutral baby names for 2018

      When it comes to the top unisex and gender neutral baby names  OnBuy, the UK alternative to Amazon, conducted a survey and shortlisted the top 20 choices.

      Video of the Week

      Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were ahead of the trend when they picked James as their daughter’s name when she was born in 2014. James is in the top three unisex names for 2018 but do you like the sound of the others? See the full list below.

      Top 20 gender-neutral baby names 2018:

      1. Noah

      2. Charlie

      3. James

      4. Max

      5. Logan

      6. Ruby

      7. Evelyn

      8. Theo

      9. Mason

      10. Finley

      11. Dylan

      12. Riley

      13. Teddy

      14. Harper

      15. Erin

      16. Tory

      17. Arlo

      18. Luca

      19. Harley

      20. Reggie

      Are you currently expecting a little one? Will you go for a more traditional name or a trendy moniker? Let us know in the comments!

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