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Top baby names, Canada, in 2018

Top baby names, Canada, in 2018

The count is in an the top baby names in Canada last year have been released.

According to the site “Baby Centre”, short names have become very popular for girls last year, while for boys, a lot of popular names ended with “..son”.  Jackson, Mason, and Grayson made the top ten.

For baby girl’s in 2018, the previous number one pick Olivia, has been knocked way down the pan Canadian list to the number 18 spot.

Number one last year was Ava, followed by Mia, and Zoe.

Top boys names across Canada were Liam, Jackson, and Noah, in first, second, and third spot.

However, there are regional differences.

In west coast British Columbia, Olivia was number one for baby girls for the second year in a row, and in fact has been tops for six of the past seven years in that province.  Olivia was followed by Emma, and Amelia.

Top name for baby boys, was Liam which this year knocked Benjamin out of the number one spot. Liam was followed by Lucas, and Oliver, with Benjamin dropping to fourth.

On the other coast in eastern Canada, Nova Scotia’s top baby names last year were William and Olivia for the third year in a row.

William was followed by Benjamin, Hunter, and Lincoln, while Olivia, was followed by Sophia, Charlotte, and Emma.

Looking across to Great Britain, top girls names there were Olivia, Sophia, Amelia, and Lily.  Top boys names in the UK last year started off with Muhammed, followed by Oliver, Noah, and Harry.

In Australia, top boys names were Oliver, William and Jack, while the top three girls names were Charlotte, Olivia, and Ava

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