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What is the Love Island 2018 baby challenge and what are their baby names?

LOVE Island’s baby challenge returns tonight as the couples face their biggest challenge yet.

Dani and Jack will have to quickly put their recent relationship struggles aside for the sake of their baby

What is the Love Island 2018 baby challenge?

The Islanders are all woken by a chorus of screams from six baby dolls in the biggest test of their relationships yet.

Each couple is assigned a baby and automatically become new ‘parents’, which means they must tend to their baby’s every need which includes feeding as well as nappy changes.

Not all the Islanders rise to the task, with both Josh and Megan both extremely vocal with their opinions about being a parent.

The challenge also officially marks the end of the legendary Do Bits Society with founder Wes rebranding it as The Daddy Daycare Society.

Tonight’s episode will see all the couples throw themselves into life as parents

What are their baby names?

Jack and Laura originally christen their son before a nappy change reveals they are actually parents to a daughter, who they name Aubrey Crane Fowler.

Wes and Megan’s daughter is called Mia Ruby Nelson and Alex and Alexandra name their daughter Ella Louis George.

Paul and Laura’s daughter is called Arabella Knops, which is the name they had spoke about earlier this week.

Josh and Kaz call their son Prince Kavana Joshua Denzel and Jack and Dani’s daughter is called Kimberley Flo Fincham.

Megan is struggling to come to terms with parenthood

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When is Love Island on ITV2?

Love Island series four kicked off on Monday, June 4, on ITV2.

The show is airing at 9.00pm six nights a week – only taking a break on Saturdays – over eight weeks.


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